Nirdhan, a not-for-profit charitable organisation was founded in 2011 and started by working with the poorest of poor people in the rural areas of West Bengal. We provided livelihood promotion programme through backyard poultry farming to the men and women of the villages who were below the poverty line according to international standards.


We introduced our Livelihood Programme, Poultry Development Services and started our first operations at Kanchrapara in 24 North Parganas, at Familia Home, a place well known to our donors. Through local introductions by Familia, local home-farmers trusted the Nirdhan team and today we are working with over 11,500 very poor home-farmers/households across 5 locations involving 1,100 villages and 66,000 family members and have a total team of 60. We have started our second enterprise Agricultural Management Systems in April of 2014 and already work with more than 1,400 farmers in 84 FIGs (Farmer Interest Groups). We started our third enterprise, a pilot in goat farming in January 2016 and continue to work with 277 families. We have completed 7 years in our journey during which time we provided excellent training and toolkits to create livelihoods, boost income and inspire permanent change in the villages of West Bengal.