We are delighted that Nirdhan has now launched its third enterprise, Goateries, in order to better impact the lives of the very poorest who do not have any land to cultivate of their own. Those with small plots of land tell us that they would like to know is how to increase productivity from their land and those without tell us they would like “goateries”. We launched this programme with 20 families at the start of 2016. Later we completed the pilot phase with 27 families across two locations in Babnan and Kolaghat to spread and minimise the risk of mortality due to goat pox. Goats are highly valued in West Bengal for both their milk and meat at the market and we expect this enterprise to be very popular in the future.

The model is simple – we loan each family two female goats that are approaching reproductive age. A male goat is also on loan to a group of local families. Each family is obliged to repay the loan with half of the goat kids born over a period of 27 months. At the end of that time, the family should have five young goats of their own to continue their farming enterprise. Nirdhan will also have received five of the kids as repayment.

Presently, we have identified 250 additional households across 4 locations to distribute goats in 2018.