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Partha Ghosh is a dynamic 28-year-old young man who is with us for the last 2 years. He uses azolla as additional feed. He has taken more than 10 toolkits from us and made considerable profits in his enterprise. At present he houses more than 50 birds and aspires to own a large poultry farm in the future.

Comments: Mr. Ghosh is extremely happy with his additional income of almost Rs. 2,400 (22% profits)in 6 months from his first two toolkits (10 chicks and 20 chicks respectively) in which he suffered no mortalities. He envisaged expanding to 50 or even 100 chicks as soon as he could build an appropriate infrastructure, which he has achieved so far, however he needs to raise the funds for further improvement of the coop to take the capacity up to 500 birds. He is a field labourer and cannot gather enough funds to build a proper coop for his chickens, so he has taken another toolkit of 50 chickens recently to earn some more money. His most significant achievement has been that he is no longer paying huge interest to the local money lender and he is out of the viscious circle of debt that his father and grandfather had passed on to him.

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