About Nirdhan

Nirdhan, registered as a Section 25 Company, was incorporated in 2011. It has a board of seven directors all with excellent and varied backgrounds: entrepreneurial, legal, IT and commercial (see section on Board of Directors). Nirdhan contracts three part-time consultants and employs a full-time team comprising its General Manager, Jogeshwar Rao who drives the operations locally, builds up the team and monitors the progress of the operations daily. He plans future operations, researches new enterprises and reports to the board members on a regular basis to ensure money is being used effectively. Nirdhan has 7 Board of Directors, 2 Finance officers, 1 Head of Livelihood Programmes, 1 General Manager, 1 fundraising executive and also employs 5 field supervisors, 1 Prani bandhu or local vet, 1 goateries consultant and 41 Livelihood Service Providers (LSPs). The LSPs market the programme, assess and register potential home-farmers, complete our Social Impact Assessments and reassessments through a scoring system of the PPI index so that we can measure our outcomes, provide the training, deliver the toolkits (10 one-day-old chicks/ducks, initial feed, vaccinations and medications) and collect payments. All the LSPs come from the villages where we are working and so understand the needs of the home-farmers and are passionate about creating positive social change and relieving their own people from suffering.