Nirdhan started its third location at village Sundia in 24 Parganas South. One of the major requirements was support for infrastructure, local contacts, trust and introductions to break into the communities which were the most contributing factors for our success in Familia. So when we sourced our third location, it was very important that we found an institution to team up with for this purpose. One of Nirdhan’s directors, (Mr. Radhakrishnan) introduced us to Chhaya in Sundia, a shelter for abandoned animals which employs 25-30 people from the villages. Sharda Radhakrishnan and Vishakha D. Doshi founded CHHAYA in 2008. They love animals and respect them as living beings, so they could no longer stand idly by and see the suffering of stray and vulnerable animals in Kolkata. Using their own money, dedication and the support of friends and family they laid the cornerstone for this unique project.

CHHAYA is a matter of the heart for Sharda and Vishakha. And for many others it has become a symbol of benevolence and man’s responsibility for the creatures of this earth. Sharda and Vishakha campaign across the country to make CHHAYA a precedent, so that as many vulnerable and defenceless animals as possible, can be helped.

The work of Chhaya and Nirdhan remains entirely separate but we benefit from the association.