Amar Seva Sangha

Amar Seva Sangha was formed as a non government organisation in the year 1977 and subsequently registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation act’1974 to provide scope to the numbers of philanthropic person in order to participate in its activities. The organisation has the belief about the capability of the people concentrating to the self sustainability of the people. The organisation also concentrates on those people who does not have the favor of age and could not make themselves to be counted to their natives.

Raine, a village of East Midnapore (formerly Midnapore) in the state of West Bengal was like any other village of India suffering after the freedom in the year 1947 with various common issues like health, education, economic condition, human rights and all. No one took initiative to change the area. In the year 1960 some young blood formed a club in the name of Amar Sangha to spread the culture of sports and related activities to upgrade the people in their thinking. After a period these pioneers realized that they should diverse their way of activity and they started to contribute to the social issues as mentioned above in a small way as a participatory organization.

In the year 1976 they decided to convene a general meeting with the participation of the villagers and the response from the other side was enormous. A unanimous decision was taken to provide a legal shape to the activities of the Amar Sangha in the form of non government organization. Thus in 29th November, 1977 it was registered under the Societies Registration Act’1961, West Bengal as an NGO with the name of Amar Seva Sangha. Prof. Bolai Kishore Samanta leads the team with excellent zeal and enthusiasm.