• Mission: empowering the poorest of the poor to create livelihoods, boost income and inspire positive permanent change
  • Founded in August 2011
  • India Registered Charity Number: Section 25 Licence number : 101564
  • FCRA Registered Charity Number: 147121023
  • Income Tax Exemption under 12 AA: DIT(E) 8E/409/2011-12/S37/2012-13/472-74
  • Income Tax Exemption under 80G: CIT(E) 10E/547/2016-17/G-0392/3925-27
  • PAN Number: AADCN7402P
  • Team – 5 Board of Directors, 1 Head of Livelihood Programmes, 1 Agricultural Certified expert, 1 Head of Finance, 1 General Assistant, 5 Supervisors, 5 local vets, 34 Livelihood Service Providers


  • Nirdhan works across five (5) districts in West Bengal all within 100 kilometres from Kolkata
  • Poultry Development Services (PDS): Giving families the skills to enter new industries and radically improve their earning power
  • Helped 14,807 home-farmers directly, 74,000 people indirectly since we train whole families through our poultry programme
  • Agricultural Management Services (AMS): Getting big results from small plots of land: enhancing the poor’s agricultural yields through training and modernization. Already working with 5,249 farmers in 320 small Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs)
  • Goateries: In pilot phase since January 2016 with 27 families. Continued working with 344 additional households in 2018 and 2019 across 4 locations


  • Livelihood Programmes – up to 30% increase in household income
  • Increased levels of empowerment amongst the home-farmers, especially women
  • Improved basic and financial literacy
  • Choices about how to spend their money
  • Better, more nutritious meals
  • Increased access to proper medical care
  • Increased number of children in school as the families can afford the books and uniforms
  • Increased access to clean drinking water
  • Increased ownership of toilets
  • Increased savings