SHIVIA was founded in 2008 and started by working with the poorest of poor through carefully selected partner NGOs in India and Nepal. Shivia supplied the funds and social impact assessments and the local partners implemented the operations. Shivia helped to set up Nirdhan in 2011 and introduced a Livelihood Programme, providing excellent training and toolkits to create livelihoods, boost income and inspire permanent change. A contract was signed with the livelihood organisation, BASIX, to train us in Poultry Development Services and Nirdhan started its first operations in West Bengal in August 2011.

Nirdhan and Shivia share an excellent relationship and with Shivia’s financial and strategic guidance and training Nirdhan team has grown among the best in the industry.

Our home-farmers with small plots of land told us that they would like to know how to increase productivity from their land. Given we have a needs-based approach and want to help our famers in a deep and meaningful way, we have responded accordingly. Once again, we have contracted BASIX for a two year period, to train the Nirdhan team in Agricultural Management Services so that they can in turn train the home-farmers and provide them with necessary AMS toolkits to grow more and better crops, once again increasing household income. Shivia has once again held our hands in a meaningful way to initiate and add success to the programme.

Our home-farmers who did not lease or have any plots of land for AMS, requested that we initiate a pilot for “Goateries”. In the beginning of 2016, we started a 27-month pilot programme by distributing two female goats to each of a total of 20 families at Hooghly district in our Babnan location. Shivia was most willing to fund for this programme. Later we spread this programme at Kolaghat to minimise the risk of mortality due to natural hazard like goat pox. We are presently working with 344 families in Goateries.

With funding, training and strategic help from Shivia, we are working with more than 23,000 farmers’ households across 5 districts of West Bengal in 1,700 villages till date in three enterprises – poultry development services, agri-management services and goat farming programmes.

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